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Titre: 15min.charg+2x2000mAh nim
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Description: World`s fastest rechargeable system:
Varta 15 Minute Charge & Go
Full Performance in 15 minutes!
Increasing appliance demands, combined with a high use frequency requires energy solutions with higher performance.
Spontaneity defines everyday life. Mobile electronic devices have to be used at any time or anywhere.
Consumers require full performance and maximum convenience: long lasting energy at any time
Varta`s new I-C3 ("In Cell Charge Control") 15 Minute Charge & Go chargers offer combined with the 15 Minute Charge & Go batteries high performance batteries that are fully charged in only 15 minutes!
Varta 15 Minute Charge and Go
Varta type: PS6 Starter Kit 15 Minute Charge & Go
- I-C3 (In Cell Charge Control)
- Up to 1000 charging cycles
- Overcharging protection
- Individual cell control
- Suited for both AA and AAA batteries (max. 4 pcs)
- No memory effect
- Including 2 2000mAh AA 15 Minutes Charge and Go I-C3 NiMH cells
- Also suitable for charging other NiMH AA and AAA cells
Please note: 15 minutes charge time only with I 15 Minute Charge and Go cells, other types of NiMH batteries take longer, depending on capacity.
Available I-C3 NiMH cells:

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