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Titre: schuko 2500W 24V->230V in
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Description: Power Inverter 24V - 230V
2500 Watt
Inverter for 24V battery of car and boat. It will invert the 24V DC current to 230V AC. With this device 230V equipment can be connected anywhere! The inverter is equipped with a very high peak output power and has got the E-mark approval, which is obliged since October 2002.
Output power continue: 2500 Watt
Surge output power: 5000 Watt
Input: DC 20~30V
Output: AC 230V
Output waveform: Modified sine wave
Output frequency: 50 Hz
Stand by current: < 0.6 A
Efficiency: 85~90%
Cooling: By fan
* Soft start
* Output short
* Input polarity reverse (by fuse)
* High DC input voltage
* Battery low alarm: DC 21 +/- 0.8 V
* Battery low shutdown: DC 20 +/- 0.8 V
* Overtemperature: 60 +/- 0.5 degrees Celsius
* Overload
* 15A x 12pcs
AC output: Two Schuko sockets
Size (LxWxH): 430x210x159mm
Weight: 8.7 kg